Arq Interview

I had wonderful with Danya Shults on Arq discussing my background, my love for languages, the Regendered Scriptures, my art practice and Jewelry.

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Art in Embassies Commission

3d rendering

3d rendering

Yael Kanarek is awarded a large-scale commission for the new US embassy in Harare. The hanging sculpture designed with the words DAY/NIGHT in the 19 local languages is scheduled for installation in 2019.

Art Review by Illya Szilak in the Huffington Post

In her outstanding new show, “Kisses Kisses,” at bitformsYael Kanarek offers an illuminating view of her wide-ranging digital and multi-media practice. Co-curated by Kerry Doran and Dylan Kerr, and thoughtfully installed, the exhibition exists as a series of overlapping windows and screens. It begins on the street where the viewer confronts a wall of bright yellow flyers, the kind that used to be plastered all over the East Village.

Rainbow, The U.S. Mission to the OECD, Paris

Rainbow, Toward a New Balance, Made in the USA, 2013, is on view at the residence of Daniel W. Yohannes, the ambassador of the U.S. mission to the OECD, in Paris. The catalog, which arrived this morning, includes an introduction by the curator, Camille Benton.

The Early Disruptors: 7 Masterpieces of '90s Net Art Everyone Should Know About

"Her immersive project has delightful retro-futuristic touches; characters rediscover 'the legendary Silicon Canyon' and muse about the fate of floppy disks. Updated over decades, World of Awe is an extremely dense work with layered links, pages upon pages of text, and fully tracked soundscapes." 

The Early Disruptors: 7 Masterpieces of '90s Net Art Everyone Should Know About, —Dylan Kerr, Artspace, March 27, 2015

Can you see? Momenta Art Gallery, 1996

"Yael Kanarek's Untitled paintings (from the Love Letters From the World of Awe series) use acrylic, candy sprinkles and papier-mache to question the power of art as a signifier of the sublime. The texts from this series are letters from an alienated traveler searching through an artificial landscape for the experience of awe.

"Kanarek's cartoon bombs, paper snow flakes, demonic Dr. Seuss characters, and birds flying in a smiley face formation pull every cheap trick in the sublime, romantic, painted, landscape book, all to no avail. Such desperation emphasizes the limitations of art, contrasted with the sincere desire to transcend those limitations." 1996

Can you see?  1996. Acrylic and candy sprinkles.

Can you see? 1996. Acrylic and candy sprinkles.