Can you see? Momenta Art Gallery, 1996

"Yael Kanarek's Untitled paintings (from the Love Letters From the World of Awe series) use acrylic, candy sprinkles and papier-mache to question the power of art as a signifier of the sublime. The texts from this series are letters from an alienated traveler searching through an artificial landscape for the experience of awe.

"Kanarek's cartoon bombs, paper snow flakes, demonic Dr. Seuss characters, and birds flying in a smiley face formation pull every cheap trick in the sublime, romantic, painted, landscape book, all to no avail. Such desperation emphasizes the limitations of art, contrasted with the sincere desire to transcend those limitations." 1996

Can you see?  1996. Acrylic and candy sprinkles.

Can you see? 1996. Acrylic and candy sprinkles.