Day/Night, Site-specific sculpture commissioned by A.I.E

DAY/NIGHT is a site-specific sculpture by Yael Kanarek that was commissioned by the US Department of State Art In Embassies program for the new US embassy in Harare. The sculpture is suspended from the ceiling to form a cluster of 76 units for the words Day/Night in the 19 languages spoken in Zimbabwe. This universal theme is expressed as a sound cloud of languages and a vibrant palette of warm and cold colors. Various parts of the sculpture highlight throughout the day by the changing sunlight in the gallery hall. Sudden air flow causes words to swivel. The sculpture embodies the dynamism and transaction inherent in languages.

Research for this sculpture was made possible by the Art in Embassies Cultural Exchange program, ensuing conversation with linguists and ethnographers from three universities in Zimbabwe to inform the design process.

Barwe: Masikati - Usiku
Chewa: Masana - Usiku
Doma: Masikati - Usiku
English: Day - Night
Hwesa: Masikati - Usiku
Jahunda: Masikati - Mahwela
Kalanga: Masikati - Busiku
Khoisan: Dzini - Hae
Kunda: Masikati - Usiku
Nambya: Muzhuba - Busiku
Ndau: Masikati - Usiku
Ndebele: Emini - Ebusuku
Shona: Masikati - Usiku
Sotho: Motsehare - Bosiu
Tonga: Sikati - Mansiku
Tsonga/Shangani: Siku - Vusiku
Tswana: Motshegare - Bosigo
Venda: Masiari - Vhusiku
Xhosa: Imini - Ubusuku